Physics of Earth materials - SIO 225
An introduction to the mechanics of continua, including theory of elasticity, brittle failure, fluid dynamics, and viscoelasticity, with applications to geodynamic problems.
Prerequisite: some familiarity with (or willingness to learn) partial differential equations and tensor algebra.

Instructor: Yuri Fialko; 321 IGPP;; Ph. 822-5028
Lecture course, 4-units, letter grade or S/U grade,homework, final exam.
Time: Mon Wed Fri, 10:00-10:50 AM, 303 IGPP - Munk Conference Room


Date Topic Reading/Homework Lecturer
02 OCTIntroduction
Read: Class notes; Segall, Origins (pp xvii-xxi); Malvern, Chapter 1
05 OCTVectors and tensors Read: Notes YF
07 OCTElements of tensor algebra Read: Notes YF
09 OCTElements of tensor algebra cont'dRead:Malvern, Chapter 2 YF
12 OCTCoordinate transformations Homework 1
Read: Notes
14 OCTDeformation and rigid body motion Read: notes; Malvern, Chapter 2 YF
Stress and strain; Conservation laws
16 OCTStrain and rotation Read:class notes; Ranalli Ch. 1.4-1.6 YF
19 OCTConservation of mass and the continuity equation
Read: Notes
21 OCTConservation of linear momentum
Read: Notes
23 OCTStress; Principal axes and principal values
Read: Notes
26 OCTConservation of angular momentum; Equilibrium equations Homework 2
28 OCT Conservation of energy
Read: Ranalli, Ch. 2; Malvern, 3.2-3.3; Class notes
30 OCT Frictional sliding; Mohr-Coulomb failure; Anderson's faulting theory
Read: Suppe, pp. 289-294
02 NOV Rate and state friction Read: Class notes
Homework 3
04 NOV Generalized Hooke's Law
Read: Malvern Ch. 6.1-6.2
06 NOV Generalized Hooke's Law cont'd
Compatibility equations
Read: Notes YF
09 NOVLinear elastic solutions for homogeneous deformation
Read: Malvern Ch. 8.1-8.2
11 NOVNo class: Veterans Day Holiday Read:
13 NOVNavier-Cauchy equations of motion Read: Malvern Ch. 8.3-8.4 YF
16 NOVWaves in elastic media
Read: Class notes
Homework 4
18 NOVTheory of dislocations Read: Class notes YF
20 NOV Stress concentration; Brittle failure; Elements of fracture mechanics
Read: Class notes
Fluid mechanics
23 NOV
Navier-Stokes equations
Homework 5
Read: notes; Malvern Ch. 7.1
25 NOVSome analytic solutions: plane Couette and Poiseuille flows Read: notes; Malvern Ch. 7.3-7.4 YF
27 NOVNo class: Thanksgiving HolidayRead:YF
30 NOV Some analytic solutions: Stokes flow Read:Class notesYF
02 DEC Geologic applications (mantle convection, magma flow) Homework 6
Read:Class notes
Viscoelasticity and plasticity
04 DEC Constitutive equations for the Maxwell and standard linear solids Read: Ranalli Ch. 4.6; Class notes YF
07 DEC Transient deformation in the Earth's crust and mantle; Post-glacial rebound, post-seismic relaxation
Read: Class notes
09 DECDeformation of rocks in the ductile regime; Power-law rheology; Dislocation and diffusion creep
Read: Class notes
11 DECHarmonic excitation and Q; Attenuation of travelling waves Read: Class notes YF
18 DECFinal exam08:00-11:00 amYF


SIO 225 SUGGESTED BOOKS (some on reserve at SIO Library):


Earthquake and Volcano Deformation,  P. Segall, Princeton University Press, 458 pp., 2010.
Introduction to the mechanics of a continuous medium,  L. E. Malvern, Prentice-Hall, Englewood Cliffs, NJ, 1969.

Reference Books:

Rheology of the Earth. Deformation and flow processes in geophysics and geodynamics Ranalli, G., Allen & Unwin, Boston, MA, 1986.

Theory of Elasticity, Landau, L., and E. Lifshitz, Oxford University Press, 1986; (Chapters 1, 3)

Principles of structural geology,  J. Suppe, Prentice-Hall, Englewood Cliffs, NJ, 1985.

An introduction to fluid dynamics, Batchelor, G.K., Cambridge University Press

Computer Homework:

Computer homework can be done most easily by using MATLAB which runs on most machines.  If you do not have a computer account we will set you up.

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